Remote Computer Support

Your computer fixed, “LIVE”, online, by your own personal I.T. technician!



Remote computer repairs are secure, easy and fast!
Pacific Computer Services SafeConnect service means your computer can be fixed, “live”, online, via the internet. No need to drive or wait at a computer repairs shop to drop off and pick up a computer. No unplugging and plugging everything back in. If your computer connects to the internet, chances are we can solve your problem quickly, easily, with SafeConnect “live” support.


Remote computer repairs means no driving, parking, or waiting for assistance
Avoid the time wasting and stress that goes along with getting your computer fixed! Sit back and watch in the comfort of your own home as the repair takes place, or, ask questions while the technician works on your machine. You can discuss the repair while its taking place and even see how everything is done!


To get remote computer repairs, simply download and run one file
Using your computer’s internet connection, just run a small file and we will take care of the rest. It really is that simple!

Dont delay! Experience SafeConnect remote support today. You’ll be glad you did.