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Virus Removal

  • Computer running slowly?
  • Pop-up messages getting in the way?
  • Strange or Offensive search results?
  • Cursor moving unexpectedly?

- You may be infected with a virus! Over 55,000 new malicious programs are registered every day.* While some malware is simply an annoyance, others have the ability to steal your personal information and destroy your precious documents, photos and other priceless data. Often malware is ‘hidden’ – meaning its not always visible on your machine. For the best possible protection, Pacific Computer Services will set up defenses that are proven to prevent infections and give you peace of mind.

Computer Security

PCS offer more than just removal. We also put systems in place to help you avoid threats to your computer security now, and in the future. Most computer users are not even aware that their daily surfing habits are putting them at risk online. With PCS malware removal and security systems in place, your computer will be a safe place to be, so that you can relax and get on with doing the things you enjoy.

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Threat Detection

PCS uses ‘multiple engine technology’ to ensure that absolutely every possible contingency is covered to ensure there are no threats remaining on your PC. This system extracts, removes, and disposes of absolutely every trace of malware, so that your computer is safe to use on the Internet.

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Performance Tuneup

After removing malware and protecting your machine against further intrusion, we perform a complete system tune-up. This includes removing redundant and unnecessary files, optimising your hard disk, rejuvenating your file system, and streamlining your System files. The result when you get the machine back is a noticeable performance and stability increase.

Data Loss Prevention

With so many new security and privacy threats on the Internet, we provide services that are essential to protecting against loss of your important data. Talk to your PCS technician about PCS backup and cloud protection services, to prepare yourself against the possibility of data loss.

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